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Leader of the Pack

April 17, 2009

Okay…so I am a bit upset with myself…and Sprint…right now.  I forgot to take my camera to her first track meet ever.  Rats.  I did, however, shoot a video on my phone camera.  I have one of those teensy memory chips and it’s accompanying big buddy that slips into a slot on our computer.  Pictures load nicely.  Videos not.  Rats.

If you COULD see the video, you would see her racing down the track for the 44 meter hurdles.  And I mean racing.  And jumping.  Like this.  Seriously.gazelle20leaping1

Except SHE was in front.  So far in front that she probably cost herself some time looking back to see where the rest of the hurdlers were.  Seriously.

Her time in her very first 44 meter hurdle was 11.34.