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Christmas 2009…..Part 1

December 29, 2009

Okay….so I was doing a little whining about not having enough of the ‘Christmas spirit’ this year.   I was shuffling through my usual holiday depression and trying to plan for an out of state trip to visit my parents.  I was in the midst of a busy week trying to contain 700+ students in heightened state of  ‘school vacation/holiday gift getting excitement.’  I was purchasing and packing for a trip that would take 24 hours of driving.  I was exhausted.  We took a day to relax and then hit the road at 4:30 am for the first leg of our journey.  All was well.

Until this happened.

We were just 60 seconds out of Berea, Kentucky…..on the curve of an interstate highway…in the sleeting rain.

So we did a little of this…..

And this…..

And this……

And this……

And this……..

And some more of this……

…..until we were back on the road an hour later.  Why no pictures of the finished task?  It was too flipping cold.  Cars and trucks were whipping by too fast and too numerous for MY comfort. And I had been standing on the very edge of the road hoping drivers would see ME as they wouldn’t be able to see THEM. Was just about blown over by a trucker or two.  Sheesh!

Our holiday ‘adventure’ begins……..