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Slightly Bonkers

January 18, 2010

It’s been a yucky weekend thus far.  Warm enough outside to melt our hard earned snow into that cruddy, muddy spring like mush.  I mean, the dog will actually GO outside with little persuasion.  Not too cold.  Its the kind of weather I hate.  The ONLY weather in Michigan that I abhorr.  Warming but too muddy to do anything outside.  The television has been running constantly.  The kiddos have been running constantly.  So what’s a bored out of her skull lazy Mom to do???


I pulled out my mini Lego collection.  The container that I got from the Lego store at Down Town Disney after Christmas….and another one I filled three years ago.  What fun.  I started to build but then transferred my efforts to this:

There is something decidedly comforting in sorting all the little pieces into color groups and then style groups.  I think.  Maybe it’s just the former Kindy Teacher in me.  I tend to relish order in some things….small things.  Like cross stitching floss and silver ware drawers.  And while I was working and watching television I was transported back to memories of the play I saw in NYC a year and a half ago. ..Three Changes by Nicky Silver.   Laurel (played by Maura Tierney) does a little monologue where in she describes giving her husband (played by Dylan McDermott) – who is depressed after losing his job – a button box.  She describes how he pours them out on to his bed and then sorts them.  By color and by style.  Then he pours them back onto the bed and starts all over again.  Okaaaaay.  So it creeped me out a little.  Especially since I was doing the same thing and HIS character falls off the tracks.  Literally.  Being glad there is no subway in my midwestern piece of Americana, I gathered up the Legos and put them back into these:

367 pieces.

Two containers.

$7.99 each

And it was scarey that except for one teeny tiny clear orange piece and one teeny tiny round blue piece, I had an equal, even number of every single style.  Yikes.  I was counting?????  Isn’t that a sort of symptom of….something????? 

And so I moved on.  To this:

Thanks to three trips of my own to the Down Town Disney Potato Head kiosk and one enthusiastic birthday gift shopping trip by my brother in law, I have an awesome collection of Mr. Potato Head stuff. 

I have this:

Pirates, Mary Poppins and a clone trooper…..

Mickey, Lady Liberty and Davy Crockett

I also have Tinkerbell, a Princess and half of Darth Vader.  (Long story) And these….

Disney tourists that can hold balloons, cookie sheets, cameras, drink cups, autograph books, magic wands, ‘plush’ Mickey dolls, pizza slices video cameras, tickets, etc.  My favorite is the Mickey shaped ice cream bar with a bite missing.

And thanks to a Grandma who provided preschool games to the Prince and his cousin….

I even have little Spud heads!

This used to be a favorite play center for my Kindy kids.  I didn’t bring it out that often so they knew it was special and needed to be taken care of.   Now I am in need of a bigger box to store them.  And someone to play with them with me. 


I think tomorrow we will drag the Prince’s soccer stadium Lego set out from under his bed. 

That should take us hours to sort…..and assemble.