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God Is No Fool

October 29, 2008

It was the fall of 1973. I was a very nervous college student. I was attending a small college about 40 minutes from my childhood home – Michigan Christian College. It was my first class on my very first day as a freshman. It was early morning. I settled into an old wooden chair desk in a small damp classroom at the end of row of rooms in a ‘cabin’ in the woods of the campus. Pencils lined up. Spiral situated nice and square on the desk. I wasn’t one to make friends quickly. Didn’t really have anyone to talk to. Then in walked the ‘professor’. He strode to a corner desk, hiked a cowboy booted foot to the seat of a desk and announced – with an Oklahoma drawl – that we were there for the ‘Fundamental Basics of Mathematics’…..other wise known as ‘Fun Math.’ My college career was off and running and that particular teacher set the tone for what were to be two of the most amazing years of my life. Ken Franklin introduced us to a poetry book in that class that became a campus cult favorite. He read a poem aloud at the beginning of each Math class. We all had our own copies. I remember purchasing one at the college bookstore for my Mom – who used to make mid week donut runs to our dorm with goods from the family donut shop. I had each of my friends choose a favorite poem and write a note telling her why it was a favorite. She treasured it for a good long while.

I lost my copy of the book. Actually I had given several away to friends YEARS ago not realizing that I was giving away my last one. I would think about it occasionally. Remember a poem that was particularly meaningful to me. Wondered where I could get another copy because I had discovered that it was out of print. Well…I found one on the internet several weeks ago and paid $30 for it. THIRTY dollars. And the inside flap price says $4.25. Go figure.

But it’s nice to have it back….no matter what the cost. Nice to have it on my bedside table again. It’s even as ratty and beat up as my own copy used to be. Thirty dollars very well spent. Just looking at it brings back fond memories of antiquated quonset hut biology classrooms, dormitory fun, late night devotionals, chapel services every morning, my roommate, pranks, prayers, my friends, duck weed on the lake, the totem pole, Faculty Firesides, chat sessions in the hall, term papers, all night study sessions, ‘Amazing Grace’, campus theater productions, cafeteria meals, Beautiful Days, Bible classes, ‘W Club’, psych class with Ron Luckett, Hebrew History with Terry Blake (who used to always call me his ‘beautiful, beautiful Lyn’), Stephanie and Casey… so many memories. Thirty dollars VERY well spent. And my favorite poem? I think it was everyone’s favorite at one time or another. They printed it in the year book one year. It’s number 43.

“Bits and pieces
Bits and pieces

People. People important to you, people
unimporttant to you cross your life, touch
it with love and carelessness and move on.
There are people who leave you and you
breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why
you ever came into contact with them.
There are people who leave you and you
breathe a sigh of remorse and wonder why
they had to go away and leave such a gaping
hole. Children leave parents; friends leave
friends. Acquaintences move on. People change
homes. People grow apart. Enemies hate and
move on. Friends love and move on. You think
on the many who have moved intoyour hazy memory.
You look on those present and wonder.

I believe God’s master plan in lives. He
moves people in and out of each other’s
lives, and each leaves his mark on the other.
You find you are bits and pieces of all
who ever touched your life, and you are
more because of it, and you would be less if
they had not touched you.

Pray God that you accept the bits and
pieces in humility and wonder, and never
and never regret.

Bits and pieces
Bits and pieces”

Lois A. Cheney
God Is No Fool

Michigan Christian College is now Rochester College and is located in Rochester, Michigan.