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What the heck??????

February 7, 2010


See this glorious picture of white stuff??  The car is covered.  The patio over flows.  The deck has disappeared.  The trees are overhung and you would definitely need to clear a path from the door to….anywhere.  And its not even the entire height of it!!  THIS is an accurate depiction of a Michigan winter.  What the heck is it doing over on my friend’s blog?? 

SHE lives in Washington D.C.   SHE doesn’t have a girly who begs to earn money to spend on her Thursday evenings snowboarding with her ski club friends…..yet.   SHE doesn’t have the snowblower charged and filled and ready to strut its stuff.  SHE doesn’t live in a community with salt piles and snowplows standing by.  SHE doesn’t have the long standing habitual need for a ‘snow day.’   Does she?

Old Man Winter?  Have you lost your way?  Come on back to south east Michigan…..where we are ready and waiting for you.  We need us some snow!!!


November 7, 2009

They are stored on my cell phone.  All kinds of pictures of Autumn in Michigan.  All of my favorite Michigan fall doings.  I have been collecting them for weeks.  Weeks!!  Now that I have a few stolen moment to share them with you, do you think I can find the little thingy that holds the little thingy that holds my photos on my cell phone????



If I could find it, you would be treated to pictures of healthy, vibrant girls playing soccer on a crisply cold Saturday morning.  There is also one of a pile of bright orangey pumpkins stacked on and around a bale of hay.   And piles of acorn and butternut squash at the vegetable stand down the road.  There are pictures of the hardy fall flowers surrounding the museum where my neice was married a few weeks ago.  I snapped a Halloween cutie with a plastic pumpkin full of candy that almost as big as she was.  I managed to catch a flock…a flock, mind you….of wild turkeys crossing the dirt road I sometimes take to work. 

And the trees.  The gloriously dressed up and garnished trees of southeast Michigan.  I revel in the oranges and reds and bright yellows.  I love their breath taking beauty.  I am totally distracted by them when I am driving in the fall.  Totally.  Just ask anybody.  After all, the only way the Prince would agree to have me drive on a school field trip several years ago is if I PROMISED not to ‘say one. more. word. about the BEAUTIFUL trees’…..heh.  But I DO love ’em.  I love the way they turn a formally dark and shady spot into an area that actually glows in the afternoon sun.  I love the waxy colors as they struggle to cling to branches that no longer need them for nourishment.  I even love the way they sound when they do finally fall down.  And you can slosh around in them.  Crunch ’em up.  I love raking them up in the cool air…..and laughing when the Princess buries herself and tosses them over and all around her.  (She’s 14.  Isn’t she a little OLD for that???)  I even love the smell of an occasional leafy bonfire. 

Let’s face it. 

I just love fall.

And there is one picture that I took on an actual camera that will send my South Carolina, Florida and California family members into a frenzied fit of jealousy.  I am sure you will hear their collective groans and sighs and gnashing of their teeth if they read this.  Sorry folks, but I just have to share it.  I have to let people know what the very best thing about Fall in Michigan is. You know what I mean?

Are you ready now?

And here it is.








Icy cold apple cider and a warm, slightly crunchy, greasy donut.

Available only at your local cider mill.

Ain’t NOTHING like it.

Autumn in Michigan is grand……..