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Pictures….or ‘Shots of My Mom’

June 15, 2010

Had to pull up some pictures today.  The kiddos need new pass cards for their new soccer seasons.  This requires two of the same shot – 1 and a half by 2 inches.  School pictures would do but do think I can find any recent ones??  Of course not.   So I sorted through my digital files for just the right ones to crop and copy/paste and print.  Prince is VERY persnickety about having his picture taken AND which pictures he allows the ‘public’ to see.  It amazes me that he is so shy in front of the camera.  Poor kid was ALWAYS in front of one camera or another from the get go.  I have boxes and boxes and boxes of prints to prove it.  Poor Princess was watching us go through them one day with a perplexed frown on her face.  She wanted to know where all of the pictures of HER were.

I have many, many of her as well…..but they are stored in digital folders and on disks.  She is my cyber child in more ways than one.  We bought a digital camera shortly before traveling to Russia thinking it would be easier to deal with there…..and it was.  But I have been printing her pictures lately – and tossing them into the box where I have been collecting all of our photos.

My sister and I grew up with a box of pictures.   It was a flat cardboard thing that was stored in the cubby space over my parent’s cedar lined closet in their bedroom.  Some were fastened into black paged photo albums but most of them were loose.  It was a fun, rainy afternoon activity to get the box down and pour the pictures in the middle of the living room floor to sort through them.  We did it often when I was growing up.  At least twice a year or so.  Every picture had a story or a ‘remember when…’ attached to it.  We would pass the time sharing stories, asking questions and totally forgetting the names and places of the older ones.  Sometimes I wish I had written some of this down.  Some times.

In this recent gathering up the pictures for the box I purchased, I ran across some wonderful old ones of my parents.  I was telling my Mom about the envelope I found –  which I think are  batch I secretly slipped away from HER box when they were packing up to move to Florida years ago.  Shhh.  Don’t tell….   I commented on what a gorgeous little girl she was.  I had to repeat that for her.  Several times.

“I never thought that I was particularly pretty,” she said. “Everyone always fussed over C (her older sister).  I just came along after.”

Wow.  But then I think about my own gorgeous 14 year old and her fussiness about the ONE hair that stands up on the top of her head in this year’s school picture or this week’s crop of teen acne….and the truely handsome Prince’s fussiness about what he allows me to film.   (‘Ten seconds, Mom.  Just TEN seconds.’)  And I think about my own reluctance to sit in front of a camera.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we never see for ourselves what other people see in us.  Its a shame because I wonder how this person’s life would have transpired had she known for the beginning how really, really beautiful she was…..and is?  Would it have been any different?

Here is my Mother at four, eight, ten (my favorite!), fourteen, nineteen, twenty-something….
















…..and newly in love with the Charlie Brown wannabe that became my Dad. Wonder if he really knows how lucky he was to get such a catch?

Probably not.


April 3, 2010

Okay….so we are thinking about moving.  Well, we are going to move.  Eventually.  We are thinking about PACKING to move.  Its a daunting task when you realize that we have been living in this house for nearly 18 years,  All the nooks and crannies and cubby holes and closets are fairly stuffed with…..well….junk.  I am not looking forward to it. 

However, this morning I took a box and headed for an easy one.  The cupboard I have been thinking about starting with for…well…weeks now.  Its that nondescript one over the stove where I keep cook books and recipes.  Truth be known, these days I rely on my computer for the recipes I need.  I can find them online or stored in the recipe ‘folder’ I keep on my hard drive.  What do I have to keep actual…books….around for?  So I went at the task with a vengance, planning to pitch and purge. 

Easier said than done.  Heh.

First there was the Betty Crocker Cook Book my mother received as a wedding gift.  I learned to cook from that thing.  Several pages are missing – including the cake from scratch recipe that I used to make cakes with when I was about ten years old.  Gotta keep that, right?

And ‘The Family Circle Cookbook’ my husband was given when he moved into his own apartment after his divorce?  Okay, so I kept that one.  I’ll pass it along to the next person we know who moves in their first apartment after a divorce.  Here’s hoping it stays in our collection forever.

‘Cooking Light for One’?  That one should have been tossed a looonnng time ago.

“Everything Chocolate”?  Mulled that one over for about two minutes.  Okay.  So I kept it.

‘Four Ingredients’, ‘CrockPot Delights’, ‘Chinese Cooking’…..all went into the box of ‘keepers’….along with every one of the half page sized cookbooks I have bought in the grocery store check out line.  They hold treasures of casserole, crescent roll, chicken, hamburger, cookie and Bisquick recipes.  (Impossible Pie, anyone?)

I found a treasure trove of magazines.   Remember reading Erma Bombeck when she was still  alive???  Good Housekeeping also carried stunningly easy ‘gourmet’ recipes.  I found newspaper pages folded carefully for a recipe I couldn’t figure out which I was saving.  Found some frosting container covers with recipes on the opposite side.  Kept some of those. 

Found my ‘Blue Book’ for canning.  Kept that.  Might even use it again sometime.

‘Southern Living Cooking’?  Pitched that.

‘Calorie Cooking’?  Nothing interesting there. Pitched.

I actually decided to keep more than I pitched and purged.  But the ‘new’ collection fits easily into a fairly small cardboard box until it can be relocated to a new shelf in a new cupboard in a new home.

And the ‘treasure’ I found was this……

It’s a recipe card for ‘XMas Log (6 rolls)’ – folded, stained and found stuffed behind the aforementioned cookbook collection.  I have NO idea how it got there but I DO know I have been looking for it.  Its a frozen confection of glazed cherries, coconut, nuts, marshmellows, crushed graham crackers and Eagle Brand milk.  I have NO idea where my Mother got it.  I have memories of sneaking slices of it during the Christmas season.  I have been hankering for it for YEARS.  Haven’t been able to find it online anywhere.   Couldn’t remember enough of the ingredients to fudge a recipe on my own.  Dang!  My heart did flip flops when I pulled that little card out!

I transferred the recipe to my file on my hard drive and put the card in the keeper box. 

Right in front of the ‘Magic Cookie Bar’ recipe that was used to fill Pringle cans that were sent to me when I was in college several states away.

Both written in my Mother’s hand.

Treasures indeed.