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A Screeching Halt

October 1, 2010

Had been planning to write a blog about her soccer playing skills for a couple of days.  About how much fun it was to watch her on the field these days.  About how she is playing on two teams – something we couldn’t even fathom getting through last August….TWO teams – two practice/game schedules AND the high school soccer practice/games schedule for her brother AND the start of the new school year AND a new position for me covering three schools AND her first weeks of high school….all at the same time?  Toss in the fact that we are buying a new house and one would expect teeth gnashing, hair pulling chaos.  But it was all working out.  There were only a couple of conflicts, lots of driving and a relatively calm adjustment period….for all of us. 

And so the planned blog entry was going to be about watching her.  Just watching the sheer joy on her face when she plays on the soccer field.  She is a tiny little thing compared to most of her team mates and the girls they play against.  And she is fast.  And competent.  And confident.

I think it flat out surprises players when she whips the ball around their feet and heads for the goal net.  Surprises them when she is blocked or butted by an opposing player and doesn’t budge.  I know it surprises HER when she kicks the ball with such force that it throws her off her feet and she lands on her fanny in the grass….and the mud.  Once in a while a coach will catch on and ‘double team’ her.  And her team mate, A, who also drives the ball down and has a big foot for kicking.  But then, that just leaves to field open to T….and D….and K…..and S….and M. 

This team is a blast to watch.

Ask anybody.

Even an accidentally kicked ball to the wrist during practice and a mad dash to the ER and a purple cast couldn’t stop my girl.  She just counted her blessings that it was only a bruise to the soft tissue, gamely wrapped her cast in bubble wrap for games and played on. 

For a week.

The purple cast was removed after a week and she gave a sigh of relief and got back on the field.  And that very next game was a wonder to behold.  The opposing coach finally just put his hands on his hips and shouted, “Okay…that’s enough!  You’re playing for US next year!”  Yeah right.  Like THAT’S gonna happen.  Not.

She was on top of her game the next day too.  The weather was cooler and damp for an 11 am game.  The sun was out.  She dribbled and giggled and tripped and scored…twice.   Just after half time she was right back at it.  She got the ball and was driving it straight toward the net…..through the grass….around her opposition…..drew her foot back to kick……and came to a screeching halt.

She collided with the goalie and they were both on the ground in a tangle of legs and cleats and writhing screams. 

It was one of those moments that an athlete’s parents fear.  A ‘lump in the throat be stoic’ kind of moment.  Your child is on the ground and surrounded by coaches and referees and managers.  The lump lessens when their goalie is led limping off the field as people on the sidelines are clapping in relief.  But grows bigger and harder as yours is carried to the sidelines.

We have had to deal with monor injuries before.  Usually the aches and pains are taken care of with an over the counter pain relievers, ice packs, heating pads, gels and wraps.  I am not one that deals with whiners well.  I don’t baby my athlete kids.  They usually get the standard, ‘if you want to be an athlete this is going to happen….suck it up and get on with it’ response.  I know they are in good condition.  I know what to be really worried about.  I check the internet.  Often.

And here was my child wrapped in a bundle of collected blankets, grinning through her tears, trying to ‘suck it up’ as her non playing teammates and parents gathered ’round in concern.  Someone gave her the over the counter tablet to reduce swelling.  Someone else brought yet another blanket for her to sit on.  And the game went on.  Twenty minutes later we were tucked into the truck and on our way to the emergency room.  X-rays, soft cast wrap, prescription for pain meds, crutches and forty five minutes later we were back at the field to watch her other team losing their first game in two years. 

A screeching halt.

But is now not even a week later….and she is running.  Not to the same level that she was last Saturday…..but running.   She is determined to get back into the game this weekend…and there are three of them.  We are following up with our doctor this afternoon so we shall see. 

I have to wonder if this has anything to do with that surprising moment that we caught her coach praying over her?  Quietly….privately… she sat in her bundle of blankets in the wet grass on the sidelines…smiling through her tears and trying to ‘suck it up’….surrounded by concerned parents and teammates…..I caught him closing his eyes and quietly praying. 

THAT brought me to a screeching halt. 


And now she is running again.


A Little Prayer Moment

March 22, 2010

It’s Spring…….and I teach in an elementary school. 

 ‘Nuff said.

Our lack of a Winter Break has taxed us to the max.  Kids have been raring to bust out of their snow pants and mittens and hats for weeks.  If only their energy level could be collected and bottled.

  I believe we would be on Mars by now.

Every time I pass a Teacher in the hall or the workroom or the lunchroom, we roll our eyes and carry on.

But I….honestly….have a little secret.

Every morning, I sit in my car in the parking lot and say a little prayer.  I pray for a good day.  I pray that my children will be inspired to do their best and to make choices and have actions that will reflect their love of God.  I pray for my sister and her family and the trials they are dealing with in their southern home.  I pray for my parents and their life in an even more southern home.  I pray that my husband will find something constructive and healthy to do with his day while he is laid off.  I pray for the new home we are trying to find.  I pray for my colleagues and their students to make the most of their ‘learning day.’  I pray for myself.

To have patience.

To teach something worthy.

To make my students feel good about themselves and what they can do.

To make my friends feel good about what THEY do.

And then I walk inside and face the day.

With a smile.

And a sense of peace.

And it works.

I mean, who says that God can’t come to school?