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The Crimp in My Morning

March 10, 2010

Having written in the past about how much I have enjoyed my mornings, I have to admit that having him home tends to cramp my style a bit. 

 Him…….being this guy. 

Last fall, the kids and I had fallen into a nice routine.  Prince and I would rise at 5 and take showers.  He would fall into a doze stretched out on the couch in front of the sports channel while I wrote  or cruised email and various internet stop overs.  I would wake Princess at 6ish so she could shower.  We would all dress for the day and pack our back packs.  No need to talk really.  Just quietly reflecting on the day ahead.  It was a ‘system.’

 I would be out the door by 6:50 to drive him to the high school  and then head back home to have breakfast with her.  Then we would be out the door for a drive to the middle school by 7:50.   I would drop her off and then go to my own school – which happens to be right next to hers.   I enjoyed those few moments of one on one time with my teens.  I really did.

Occasionally she would come with me to take him and we would go to a cafe between his school and hers for breakfast.  Not often…and usually when we needed a few more minutes to go over materials for a test.  Pathetically the waitress there knows our order before we even order.  Hash browns and hot chocolate for her, breakfast special #1, rye toast and water for me.   Or we would get a quickie breakfast at a fast food place or ‘power shop’ at the nearest Meijer’s store.  Fresh bagels and juice, fruit and salads for lunches generally fill our basket on those mornings and other things needed at school or at home.   Not very often you understand….but often enough to make our mornings special.

And then HE was laid off from his job of 30+ years.  Its only temporary but is lasting for months.  WAY longer than he is used to.

And he likes to talk in the mornings.

To us.

That definitely cramps our style.

He wakes us up and watches the television news as we shower and dress and pack backpacks/lunches….or not.  HE drives the Prince to school and then comes home to drive the Princess to school and then drops me off at my school right next door.  Once we have gone to the cafe for breakfast…but it was costly for three.  Once we power shopped but he doesn’t know the ‘system.’  Plan ahead, start at the back and work your way forward till you have your basketful.  It was a fiasco.

Definitely puts a crimp in our morning routine.


But some things can be over looked and dealt with after twenty years.  After all, I get to deal with this for a period of time every year.

I mean, how many people are lucky enough to sleep with Santa Claus?