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A Conspiracy????

May 2, 2009

Google is my very best friend.  It has the answers for everything.  Seriously.

I am the sort of person with a wierd assortment of interests.  If I want to know something about anything – I google it.  Say, for instance, I wake up in the middle of the night wondering what happened to Pamelyn Ferdin – a child actress whose ability to cry on cue used to have ME crying along when I was a kid.  She was also a voice over actress who could be easily recognized if you were a fan.  I googled her to find that she is a happy adult (unusual in the world of child actors, I know), a registered nurse who was married to a doctor,  working to stop the abuse and torture of animals.  In a big contempt of court kind of way.

I needed information for a school project about Michigan lighthouses.  I googled it.    My husband needed an address for a middle school we need to be at for a soccer game.  He was setting his GPS for easier driving.  I googled the school name and voila!  I googled ‘The King Family’ to see if any of their old, old television shows were available on dvd yet and initiated a friendly email coorespondence with  a member of the ‘family’ that carried on for a couple of months.  I needed information about a medical procedure for a story I was writing.  I googled it.  I got the info I needed and was even referenced to a Youtube video showing the actual procedure. I needed a good picture of a turkey for a post I wrote here a couple of years ago.  I googled and found one.  I wanted to know if the author of a book I had enjoyed had written others.  I googled my way into a large paper back bill with

I once googled singer, John Davidson, and emailed him about a song he performed on ‘The Mike Douglas Show” years ago.  He’d written it  to sing at the Arabian National Horse Show that year.  I recorded it and sang along with it for YEARS.  I can still sing the chorus.  And I wanted to give a copy to my boss whose daughter had recently taken over management of an Arabian horse farm in California.  Alas…the song had never been recorded (too bad since it was awesome) and Mr. Davidson probably thought I was freaking nuts to even remember it.  LOL  I am wierd that way.  And just for the record, he and his wife are marketing a geography game they created while home schooling their daughter.  And he still performs.  Gotta LOVE those dimples.

I have fun with my Google.

Recently, however, my AOL has been diverting my Google requests to their own search engine.

Now, I have been an AOL client MUCH longer than Google has been around.  But word of warning to AOL…..keep messing with my Google  – even if yours is  ‘enhanced by Google’  – and I may just find another internet server.

NOTHING comes between me and my Googles.  Nothing……