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The Grand ‘Stay-cation’ of 2009

September 4, 2009

It’s official.  Today was the ‘Meet and Greet’ at my school and the place was hopping with excited Kindergarten through fifth graders, their parents, various grandparents, older siblings, younger siblings, strollers, neighborhood dogs, cats and a hamster or two.  Okay.   So the dogs and cats and hamsters weren’t there.  But the ‘Meet and Greet’ always marks the official end of summer vacation and beginning of the new school year for me.   This weekend is the last few days of sleeping in, chasing sun and just doing…nothing.  And this was a different kind of summer for us.  For once we didn’t travel.  Anywhere.  It was a ‘stay-cation’….and a busy one, thanks to our two teenagers.

Our stay-cation involved one nasty bout with the flu, a seven day visit from my Floridian parents, five weeks of layoff for HRH, a huge family reunion slash 5oth wedding anniversary slash high school graduation pig roast, a garden, twice weekly high school ‘Captain’s Practices’, 5 weekly high school summer league soccer games, a visit to the 4H fair, five days of Extreme Sports camp, 1 mammogram, one midnight showing of ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’, 2 classes of soccer referee training, 2 searches for free local skateboard parks, 2 athletic physicals, eight days of Youth Police Academy camp times 2 teenagers, one YPA graduation celebration and cake decorating ordeal,  two nights at the drive-in sleeping through two explosion riddled new releases, one rainy weekend of camping when I read FIVE books, one purple cell phone for one 14th birthday, 3 evenings of  high school socccer tryouts (he made the JV team!) followed by daily practice sessions rquiring transportation one way,  one Farm Town farming addiction to Level 27, nine mornings of teaching Summer School, two high school soccer tournaments, four official high school soccer games, three ‘unofficial’ freshman soccer games,  16 hours driving to/ riding/driving from Cedar Point, blueberry picking, 4 days of club soccer camp for her followed by four regular season practices, 2 Rip Chord concerts in the park, one high school registration day, 12 inches of hair cut from one head, 107 Facebook ‘friends’ and ensuing messages, one staff cookout picnic,  two giant stuffed gorillas, one skipped in favor of soccer practice middle school ice cream social because she wanted to, one school district opening day rally, one work day in my classroom (where I finished placing 320 logins and passwords on 4th/5th grade class lists/sorted 160 2nd/3rd grade login cards to new classes and deleted/found the school’s main web site page) and the ‘Meet and Greet’ celebration. 

And here I thought I was bored……