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January 18, 2009

I, seriously, can’t wait until Tuesday.  Part of me really, really wants to be in Washington D.C.  Part of me wants to be all caught up in the madness, the crowds, the traffic jams, the parades, the excitement, the cold……  Well, okay, maybe not the cold.  Although, admittedly, I would brave the cold if I had a ticket to the Creative Coalition’s Ball.   The other part of me is SO very glad that I chose Tuesday as my weekly day off (I teach 8/10ths of the week).   Having Tuesday off means that I can take my kiddos to school, plop something in the crock pot for dinner, make a pitcher of hot cocoa, stack up some cookies and watch the whole event on the BIG screen in the family room.  With the cat and the dog for company.  I offered to let the kiddos stay home from school to watch with me.  Begged them, in fact.  HE has final exams and I will be picking him up early anyway.  SHE is working on perfect attendance and doesn’t want to miss basketball practice to watch a little ole thing like history happening.  Sheesh.  WHAT am I raising???